San Diego 29A Model Yacht Pond

The model yacht Pond is unique in several ways in my search.
It's the closest enclosed body of water to my home.
It's surrounded by trees and lawns, but

it's on an island in the middle of Mission Bay.

Here's a photo I took flying out of San Diego recently

It is filled (and refreshed daily) with salt water, through a conduit.
Hence the pond has tiny sharks, rays and other marine life.

It's also curiously numbered "Pond 29A" which means
I am going to have to find the master list of ponds!

It's for use only by radio-controlled boats operated by skippers from shore.

Despite (or because of) all the rules, it's generally a very peaceful place.

Unrelated to this pond and only about 100 yards away,
is the tropical lagoon at the heart of Paradise Point Resort
(formerly known as to the world as Vacation Village).
 I will share some images of the lagoon.

This Google maps shows many ponds on the hotel grounds.