Lakeside El Monte Hanson II

This story starts a few day ago, with my first visit

to a big pond at the eastern end of the San Diego River.
I called it El Monte Hanson I
This page talks about finding El Monte Hanson II

I went back a couple days later with my wife to look for Pond II. 
Here's what we found.

From the road, only one remote view of a murky pond. 
Some restoration obvious in the foreground.
We parked the truck and started out on foot, along a marked trail.
But it was primarily a horse trail in sand - NOT easy to walk!

We found the pond from the other side, but the view was worse.
That is water in the picture below

So we climbed up a rocky embankment and gained a better perspective

By the time we returned to the car we were beat.
(having already walked up / back to Pond I)

Crosswalk signal has high button for horse riders
and low button for lowly pedestrians

We didn't bother with the other smaller pond.


One fun thing happened on this trip.
I found a new iPhone 11 Pro in the sandy trail.
We were able to locate the lady who lost it,
and a few hours later they were reunited.
She said it hadn't been a good day;
in addition to losing the phone she'd fallen from her horse.
Getting it back was a very bright spot as she'd had it less than a week.