Ramona Cedar Creek

We went a few miles into San Diego Country Estates to find Cedar Creek.
This is a popular 6-mile hiking trail now restricted to 75 permits a day,
There's a waterfall and a pond at the bottom end of it.

Big hills, big elevation change, no shade, no water.

We read the signs and turned around.

If you can't read the fine print, it says:

Cedar Creek Falls Trail is 6 miles and strenuous!
This is the most dangerous trail in San Diego.
People die here every year.
Many dogs die on this trail each year. 
If in doubt, don't go out.


Temperatures reach extreme levels from March to November.
Even avid hikers have difficulty hiking in this area.
Several hikers have died from heat stroke in recent years.
Carry a minimum of 1 gallon of water per person.
More emergency rescues occur here than anywhere else 
in San Diego County.
Many dogs die on this trail each year.
We STRONGLY advise you: leave your pet at home.

This might not be the right hike for me.
Even on a cool day.