Del Mar Mesa Vernal Pond

Vernal pools are one thing, this pond is another.
It's called Vernal but it's around all year due to its 
low and sheltered locale between two ridges.

We completely failed to find this pond on our first day out.

The following images show you some of what we experienced on our 2nd try.
We parked a couple miles from it.
Red arrow below points to the pond's location behind the ridge.
This photo is looking East.

This photo is looking west towards our truck from the ridge shown above.
Arrow points to where we parked. 

Here is the Vernal Pond

Here is the path wet and muddy

and path dry and rocky

and path overgrown with bushes

and path too steep to safely descend facing downwards

This little body of water was the hardest to reach so far! 

It doesn't look difficult on the (dry) satellite image

but much of the area was flooded and/or in the process 
of being rehabilitated and restored to wilderness.

Thus impassible and/or and punishing a slight miscalculation
by giving her a wet shoe for the rest of the hike.

It seemed like the city had learned of our plans to reach the pond!

Basically they don't want anyone going there for a few months or years


Then nature stepped in to deter us

But we persevered and got close enough for pictures anyway.