Escondido Champagne Lakes

This is a 50-acre former quarry site that's been turned into a RV park,
with 3 lakes in a row coming down a valley.
I have placed this in my PONDS area
because these aren't big enough to be lakes 
(in my mind, anyway).

I drove in and stopped at the office.
They gave me a brochure with prices and details. 

I asked if I could drive through and check the place out.
They said "Sure".

It has a very nice feel.

They offer catch and release fishing in all 3 ponds.

Then I asked if there was any Champagne in the lakes ...

“Honey, if them lakes had champagne
 we wouldn’t be in here sober, now would we? 
We’d be on our bellies face down in the lake. 
And happy!”