Doane Pond

We have survived the pandemic! After several months hiding out in our SoCal homes, we have been allowed limited access to the outside world. Since most Pond-Hunting is a solitary (or small team) but essential endeavor, I have started up again without an official visit from the County Health officers.

Doane Pond is probably the farthest North of any ponds that I'll visit in San Diego County. To reach it you have to drive up Mount Palomar's treacherous South Road, where when not grinding around a tight switchback, you are faced with fabulous views of San Diego County to the South.

The Pond is inside the State Park which has a $3 parking fee. After entering you need to drive another couple miles, bearing right at the fork (the left fork leads to a Christian Camp). Here's what you will find:

Bathrooms with paper and clean flush toilets. Fishing limits, and leave the frogs and tadpoles alone!

We walked around in a clockwise direction - unlike many ponds it's possible to completely walk around this one, but you can expect some muddy conditions even on a very dry day.

We visited on a clear spring morning about 8 am.

There is a group school kid camp visible in the background behind the trees. During the weeks kids are up there it might not be as Idyllic as it appears here.

At the north end of the pond you enter the thick stand of trees and cross the outgoing stream of water on a stout wooden bridge.

Now that's Doane and I can check it off my list.