San Diego Hendrix Pond

Hendrix Pond is in the middle of San Diego's Scripps Ranch community. 
An upscale development started in the late Sixties, near the Miramar Naval Air Station,
Scripps Ranch has expanded dramatically since my wife went to college there in 1973.
I worked there for Mitchell Manuals from 1980-1995.

The Scripps family (of Oceanographic fame) used to own the entire area. 
Jim Budvarson, who worked with me in 1979, told me his dad was foreman on the ranch.
When he was a boy living there in the late 1930's, he and his brothers 
had to plant 100 eucalyptus seedlings a day before they could play.
There are now thousands of trees there which give the area its character, 
provide shade AND drop heavy branches and pose a fire danger. 
Mixed blessings!

Here is the improvement plan for Hendrix presented Jan 16 2020