San Pasqual Valley

Three ponds are covered on this page.
I decided to group them together.
BTW San Pasqual is the name of a Kumeyaay village
formerly located here.

Due to a technicality, this valley blongs to San Diego City 
despite not being contiguous 
with the rest of the city.

Pond #1 lies in a small ravine about 
one mile west of the Safari Park, alongside 
San Pasqual Valley Road / Hwy 78
on its way from Escondido to Ramona.

It can be seen from the roadside above, looking East.

Or from the road edge alongside the pond.

This is looking West at the pond

It's a clean rural pond with lots of rushes on the edges
and clear water in the center.

We couldn't get too close to #2 but it looks nice 
out there in the farm field...

Here's an aerial view of the San Pasqual Valley

This pond, #3 is a low-lying swampy area 
just south of the Safari Park,
and just north of a dairy.
There's not much to say - this is a typical overgrown pond.

But that's not to say the animal and plant life don't flourish here.
Just NOT people.

We've seen a dozen or so like this where the plants overtake the water.