Ramona Milagro

Milagro Winery is located NE of Ramona, 
just a few miles off the main highway on a graded dirt road.
(Right around the corner from the camel dairy)
I have tasted wine at Milagro before and didn't notice any ponds.
On this trip we just saw ponds and no wine.

My wife spotted a large pond on the map, but quite a distance from the road.
We have learned you can't see ponds in our typical terrain
until you are right upon them, so we wondered 
how we would get into the property.
Milagro made it easy for us by putting their 
group wine-tasting facility right next to the big pond, 
and providing a nice road with signs and no impediments.

This small pond is at the entrance to their oak grove.

It's a nice teaser for the main pond.

Beautifully-situated in a small meadow

I can definitely imagine a nice bottle of wine in this setting!

Thanks Milagro. We will be back.

We did go back,
Here are the extra photos:

PS - the Camel Dairy (a mile away) 
is a fun place to visit if you are out there.