Escondido Bernardo Lake

I located this pond on the map, and we drove to it without trouble. 
It's located inside a mobile home park which, conveniently,
 was having service done on its gates, so they were blocked open.
I named it Citricado for the lanes leading to it,
but later learned it has the name "Bernardo Lake"
It's still a pond to me.

We parked in a visitor slot, walked quietly around the pond,
took a few pictures and left before the handyman
could ask us what we were up to.

It was a beautiful day and we joked with him
 about the horrors of winter in California. 

While circumnavigating this pond we spotted three turtles;
the first seen on this project.

One submerged too quickly for me but I got the other two

The ducks were annoyed at our walking past their napping place.