Vulcan Hanson Carroll Canyon

I'm not a geologist, but I know water flowing to the ocean carries things along. 
When stones tumble against one another, rough edges break off.
When the flow of water diminishes, heavy things are dropped. 
Silt and sand are light and may make it out to the beach.

The need for sand and gravel for building roads, homes and offices
is constantly driving people to look for sources of minerals
that can be extracted profitably.

Carroll Canyon, north of Miramar Road, has been excavated 
by Vulcan and Hanson (Fenton) for about 70 years.
They both have plans for business and residential development.

There are four or five ponds scattered across their properties.
Who knows if they will survive development?

It's possible to see some of the ponds by looking through fences, 
although they do a great job of building berms
to hide the activity, dust and noise.
There's a pond behind this semi-circular wall of gravel,
and another behind it in the pit.

Look carefully into this hole in the foreground and you can see the water.

The big pond is upstream in Carroll Canyon.

This hummingbird seemed interested in the activity in the sand pit.

Naturally you can't drive right into these sites to spot ponds,
unless you have the right kind of truck. 

At the west (downstream) end of the canyon,
it looks like Hanson's development is well underway.
And there's another pond...