Cottonwood Lakes Ponds

These ponds are on land previously known as
 Cottonwood Lakes golf course.

 This section is now defunct.
The owner of the property has bought 3 financially-troubled
golf courses in San Diego county. 
Here, he would like to extract sand from the riverbed.
If he succeeds in getting permission, perhaps I'll move this page
to the Quarry Section of Ponds.

I met a couple people there who appear to be living in a drainage tunnel.
The man was curious about my camera.

"Audobon Society?" he asked. "Birds, right?"

"No, Lakes and Ponds project"

"Ah" with a baffled look on his craggy bearded face. 
"Cool, it's part of Audobon, right?"

Waving goodbye to them, I walked back to the car.
We returned a few days later to record more ponds.
One pond was in the valley.

And the other "pond" was on the top of the hill across the road.
This is actually the property of Otay Water District,

so technically it's a reservoir.

Reached only by a 1-mile terrifying walk across the side 
of a very steep, loose-sandy-path hill.

The things we do to find these ponds!