San Diego Dairy Mart

Beautiful Dairy Mart Pond is just north of the Mexican border.

It is part of the Tijuana River watershed and encompassed 
by the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park.

Larger than most of the other Ponds in San Diego,
it is an excellent site for bird watching.

This is the first body of water I saw. 
It is not the pond at all, but a sod farm,
(notice the large expanse of brown above)
flooded by the heavy rains we are experiencing.

Here is the portion of the pond E of Dairy Mart Road

shown below forming a backwards C shape.

This view is the pond on the W side of the road

There are an exceptionally large number of signs at this body of water
providing warning, instruction and information.

I walked to the middle of the pond (a few hundred yards) 
for a different vantage point.

There I found a lot more signs!

If you get bored reading the signs you can sit 
in the birdwatching blind

View from the blind, with a 600mm lens.
Ducks were still asleep at 7:30 am on Christmas Eve.

Unobstructed view is better for me

Yet another sign, giving credit where credit is due.

It started to rain at this point, so I headed for the car.