San Diego River Central

I've divided my explorations along the San Diego River 
into East, Central and West, because conditions are very different.

Although the river's neighbors on either side might be 
commercial or residential, there is still good access.

Unlike many rivers, the
San Diego River doesn't really "run".
It just sits there most of the time, 
in ponds scattered along its length. 

In the Central area of the river
(downstream from Mission Dam) 
things become much more commercial
and access is very restricted.

Here's a gravel pit pond just above Mission Gorge Road. 
The right-hand arrow on the aerial image above.

Here, a little farther west, is a much larger body of water.
It's the left-hand arrow on the aerial image.

Finally I got past the dump trucks, cement mixers, boat movers
and commercial builder storage lots.

The following images are shown by arrows 
on this aerial view.

The pond shown is indicated by arrows at the bottom of the image.

I did see this sign but it was on a concrete path 
behind a large apartment complex.
It didn't seem very River or Park.

There were good views of the large pond along my walk.

I was separated from the river
by a 6-foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire
(except here, where it had been cut out by trespassers).

There's not much to see here except the 
Admiral Baker Golf Course owned and operated by the Navy.

I crossed over the River, went into the golf course area
but without renting a cart and pretending to play,
I could not get close to the river and its ponds.
I'll have to go back with a Navy golfer buddy! 
This one is shown in the aerial view
by arrows pointing downward from the top right.

I did enjoy this pond, which although on the course, was a natural one,
fed by a small creek coming down past the driving range,
in a valley between the hills of Tierrasanta.

A couple miles further west, the city is building a 
San Diego River Trail Discovery Center
on 17 acres of land donated by the Grant family.

I have read construction is well underway 
and Phase 1 should be completed this week.
{time passes & I visit}
Looks like Phase I is earth moving and grading,
and it's well underway.