Oceanside Senior Center

This pond is on an immense construction site which houses
a Senior Center as well as lots of tractors and bare dirt.

We thought we could reach this pond from a road at the SW end,
but there were high fences and no place to stop.

So we started around "the block".
We found a sign announcing Garrison Creek Trail.
Seemed like a LONG walk, and there was a locked gate,
 and it wasn't after 5 PM.

And we saw a tiny murky pond; hardly worth the photo...

We drove farther around and finally got back to the SW corner facing W.
There was road work going on, but by parking the truck 
on the shoulder and climbing up into the bed, 
I could see the pond.

Then I perched precariously up on the bed rail to get a better photo.
Maybe we should carry a ladder...