Poway Duck

Poway's Duck Pond appears to be a small pond, hidden in a 
steep canyon by Sabre Springs west of Poway,
 behind a small strip mall. 

We had to "duck down" a narrow back walkway
 in order to even see the pond. 

Getting a photo required that we tip-toe 
through the flowerbeds of the 
Auto Club office (sorry!)

For months we hadn't explored the stub
that extends south of Poway Road
because I was reading the map incorrectly.
North is down on this view.

Here's a more accurate view with North up,
and our multiple walking paths highlighted.

Today we discovered the south "stub" is much larger
than the north side. Much larger!
(But we didn't find the separate pond at right above)

You can see the dam here, at the west (lower) end

Burned up hillside -- a homeless person's fire got out of control?
 We saw some discreet encampments...

Very heavy, very dry brush and trees!

Walkway / bridge at the top of the pond.

Top end of pond