Escondido Kit Carson Park

In theory, and on the maps, there are 
three ponds or "lakes" in Escondido's Kit Carson Park.

Boy Scout Lake,
just off the parking lot,

 is sadly over-filled with ducks, coots and seagulls
and filthy with dirt, dust and debris.

This is a city park, in an upscale suburban part of the county.
We appeared at 9 am on a Wednesday.
In addition to these birds,

it was filled with pairs of older women in spandex,
elderly gents with walkers,
and teams of moms with strollers racing one another
around the park's perimeter.

A short drive away we found Tree Lake.

Another small pond,
 a bit hard to see for the trees.

The third pond is totally invisible 
until you almost put your foot into it.
I don't recommend getting so close.

"Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives Here"
is the best I phrase I could come up with to describe it.

The day after our visit,
I was still digging twigs out of my hair.
We hopped in our car and got out of there!