The Pond(s), Poway

After two years of working on this "finding water" project,
I thought I had been to all the local ponds.
Not so, there were two local ponds which had somehow evaded me.
Today we discovered them in person!

Starting in a quiet residential corner of Poway, 
surrounded by homes on one side and wilderness on the other.

Unlike many ponds, this nice big clean body of water had a boat on it. 
But it was chained to a pole and had no oars. Rats!

Not a very creative name:

At the lower end of the pond it was a bit murky
but the pond itself was very clean and well kept.

A few places had bridges to help keep your feet clean.
This visit was in December, and we haven't had rain for months.

Just to the north of the first pond was a second one.
This one is private; owned by two families.
It's called Taylor Pond, and there's an AirBnB house there.

A few signs and a few strands of wire fence asked us to stay out.
So we only poked our noses and the camera lens over the fence.