Bing Crosby Ponds

One day when I was looking for Lakes in 4S Ranch, 
I stumbled into the community shown herein.
I think it's called The Lakes and then
the Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe.

 In either case, they don't like random visitors,
but I was able to come in 
to see some ponds 
as well as model homes (wink!)

This group is near the purple dot on the map below.

Here's another map, showing the 3 groups of ponds that I saw
as you can see they are south of Del Dios Hwy,
just west of the Dam for Lake Hodges.

[click to enlarge]

This pond is part of Group 2

 These make up part of group 3.
I don't usually focus on golf course ponds,

but I understand these were here 
(in more native form)
long before Bing Crosby
and this golf course and clubhouse.

In any case, its an extremely beautiful place to be.
I will go back and document this area more carefully
when I get the chance.