Fallbrook Via del Robles

I have this pond on my list, but hadn't gotten to it yet.
My wife then found the house on the pond is for sale.
Here are some images from the Multiple Listing!

Looking at ponds as I have been can be dangerous.
This house is for sale, we could afford it,
the area is very nice, and it has a pond.

But it doesn't have all of a pond, 
which raises lots of questions in my mind...
How do you share it, recreationally & financially?

The seller's agent explained:
there are 4 owners of the pond.
Owners are also responsible (along with 24 others)
for the private road which runs just below the pond,
and drainage pipes which run under the road.
Those pipes had to be replaced recently,
and the costs were shared 
(after some discussion) 
among all the parties.

When it rains hard, one of the owners has to go out 
(probably in the middle of the night)
and open the sluicegate so water will drain
and not flood the private road.

I can see being a pond-owner isn't simple!