Lakeside El Monte Hanson I

This large pond is located in El Monte Valley, 
the San Diego River would run through it if water was released,
about 5 miles below El Capitan Dam.

I am choosing to name it El Monte Hanson I

It's tricky to find, as it's not visible from any roads (that I knew of back then).
This sign is visible (but disrespected) near a locked gate.

is underway in this valley, similar to that 
proposed for Cottonwood.

If you take the footpath near the gate, it winds up across a hillside,
where the pond is partially visible.

but you can't get close because there are several sets of fences.

 Taking a private road up the hill to the west 
and ducking up a driveway a bit, got me a better view.

 My Apple Maps directed me to enter from the West,
which meant driving through a horse boarding facility.
I didn't feel like going right through dozens of women grooming their horses,
but If I had proceeded another hundred yards I would have come
to the edge of the lake.

As you can see, I missed a few ponds NOT visible from the road.

I went back a couple days later with my wife. Here's what we found.
First, the world's most prolific Orange Tree at a home nearby.

A very inconspicuous sign that told us we were on the right track.

A very sandy horse trail through the river bottom for a mile or so.

Then a large pond (*lake*)

Seen from several angles 

BETTER views than yesterday but early, cold, and windy

Then a long slog through the sand 

heading West to find pond II

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