Del Mar Mesa Duck Pond

"Duck Pond" is a favored name for a pond.
I've found 5 so far in San Diego County.
This one was the hardest to reach,
due to a combination of weather, illness
and saving it to do with friends.

Both times the trail was marked "Closed Temporarily"
The first time I turned around; the second I went anyway.

It's not a long walk, only about a mile,
but it has some elevation change
AND some rocky, ankle-twisting sections.

The parking situation isn't good either;
although the community park has some spaces,
6! of them were filled with parks department trucks 
on my last visit, forcing us to go into a private community
and park amidst the contractors and solar installer trucks.

So does this sign mean horses left, people right?
Everyone straight ahead? Or what?

As we learned on the San Diego River Trail
there is no Poo Fairy to pick up after your animal.

We finally spotted water in the bottom of the canyon. 

It doesn't look like much at first.

When you get to the S end of the pond it appears much larger.

Obligatory duck shot.

The pond is in some open space under high power wires, and Miramar jet flight pattern.

We went early in the day (in winter) and it was very hot. 
I'd suggest you take water - we did not and we were parched 
by the time we returned to the car.

 It's all uphill to get back to civilization.

Thankfully there is some shade.