Vista Vale Terrace

Vale Terrace Drive goes through a cluster of ponds.
I'm uncertain of the number - although this map shows 3
there are up to 6 here, depending on the season and weather.

The ponds are only partially visible from the road
and they are on private property.
I didn't bother the homeowners so we will have to be content
with a peek at each pond.



This pond has an obvious duckweed or algae problem!
It is water though, the ducks were moving around in it.


A year after I wrote the first version of this page, the Vale Terrace Pond #2 house was for sale. 
We went to have a look. It was new, but not appealing. 
I took some photos of the pond from the house:


The trees around this pond BADLY need trimming and lots of them are dead.
The pond is now surrounded by a stout steel fence, 
no doubt because there is a Jr High School a block away.