Irvine Plaza

I saw a couple bodies of water on Google's Satellite Map,
in the University Town Center area of San Diego.
After such great luck with the Stonehaven ponds,
we thought we would go check out UTC.
It's a very highly-developed and expensive
neighborhood so I didn't know what to expect.

I found this group of man-made ponds
in the middle of a business park / office complex.
It was very odd to have my navigation system
show my car driving through the ponds?
We found a place to stop and I went up 
3 flights of stairs -- the first time 
I've parked UNDER a pond.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, 
I saw only one other guy besides me
while I was admiring the ponds and waterfalls. 

I didn't notice the security guard 
and his supervisor, and I got busted.

But I explained my quest and they let me go, 
as I promised not to take any pictures next time.
(I don't have pictures of them, sorry)

Then I noticed a couple banks in the background,
surrounding the ponds.
They thought I was "casing the joint" 

Stop by sometime, and check it out:
it's a very nice place to sit and eat your sandwich.