Julian Wynola Road

I am grouping all the ponds along Wynola Road in one page.
This is for my convenience, until I come up with a naming strategy,
and/or more information about the ponds.

Wynola is a windy stretch of road that connects Banner Grade to Hwy 78.
We stopped at the intersection of Farmer Road and Wynola
(for a quick wine tasting at Menghini Winery.)

Unable to decide in which direction to proceed, 
we went east for a mile then turned around and went west.
We saw about 8 ponds but have pictures only of 4. 

Pond 1

Pond 2

Pond 3

Pond 4

Because the 2-lane road is windy, steep, lacks shoulders, etc. 
it does not offer many places to safely stop and take photos.
And when we did take them, many looked like this:

There IS a pond in there ...
Perhaps a motorcycle or scooter would make things easier.