Ramona Wash Hollow Creek

I've seen this pond twice, and have a nice story about it.

The first time I took some pictures, 

but when I got home had no idea where the pond was!
It just looked like a small pond that needed a bit more water.

A month or so later I was looking for a Ramona pond 
I'd seen on Google Maps Satellite View,
and as soon as it came into view I knew it.

There was a man working on a pump next to the pond,
and we pulled in to talk with him.

A contracted pond specialist,
Edgar was draining the pond (1/2 million gallons!).

It will only be empty for a few days while he adds an aeration system;
this will reduce algae and help the pond stay healthy. 

As requested by the owner, they will also add a fountain or two, 
for purely aesthetic reasons.

 The coots and ducks aren't that happy about losing their home,
even temporarily.