Mt. Helix Ponds

Mt. Helix is east of San Diego City, 
and some of it is unincorporated (not part of a city).
Thus less pressure for planned development, sidewalks, culverts and storm drains.
And perhaps therefore more ponds?

We have located about 7-8 ponds in this area 
including ones on Crystal, Hess and Timberpond Streets. 

We haven't photographed Timberpond yet, even though we've seen the water,
due to locked gates on a planned community driveway.

Here are some Hess Pond photos:

One of the challenges of this project is getting good images of the ponds. It's not easy to "reach through" a fence with the camera, especially if you are more or less intruding down a private driveway or road. Sometimes I will get out of the car, or even stand in the bed of the truck to get a better shot.

Compare my picture (above) with Google Maps Street View and a revolving, roof-top camera (below)

Sorry, it's hard to see but behind the plants.

I assure you there is a pond in the midst of the brush below.